The Badi Foundation was established under the regulations governing non-profit, charitable organizations in the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Under the administrative laws of Macao, the Foundation’s administrative structure includes a Board of Curators (equivalent to a Board of Directors) and a Board of Administrators. The boards are comprised of members with rich experience in fields such as development, education, law, business, and financial management.


The Board of Curators oversees the overall direction and policies of the Foundation and ensures that it practices the highest levels of trustworthiness and accountability. The Board of Administrators, the senior management team of the Badi Foundation, assures that projects and activities are steadily advancing, pursuant to the guidelines established by the Board of Curators.  The Foundation’s School of the Nations in Macau is administered by the school Director and administrative team, in consultation with the School of the Nations Council.

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