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Early childhood is a key period in the formation of good character as well as laying the foundations for the understanding of science, mathematics, language, and other branches of learning. It is also the time when many fundamental concepts and understandings of the purpose of human life and the relationship between individuals begin to develop. Thus, it is essential that careful attention be given to the development of early childhood education programmes that will raise up individuals who will be able to contribute to the welfare of their families and communities and the progress of society. This is especially important today, when humanity as a whole is undergoing rapid changes in almost all aspects of its collective life, changes that have revealed both new potentialities and new challenges in society.

The Hidden Gems Early Childhood Education Curriculum was developed by the Badi Foundation over a number of years in conjunction with the School of the Nations kindergarten section in Macao. The programme carefully integrates intellectual and spiritual education over a three-year period and is organized in three main areas: Character Development, Science, and Math. Each area uses a wide variety of methods and activities designed to initiate the development of moral, social, and intellectual capabilities in children over three consecutive years beginning around age 3.


The Hidden Gems programme has received awards at the Macao and international levels, and is implemented by educational organizations in countries including China, India, Mongolia, Nepal, and Thailand, among others. Those interested in learning more about the Hidden Gems programme are encouraged to contact the Badi Foundation. 

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