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The efforts of the Badi Foundation are guided by an overarching conceptual framework, which includes beliefs about fundamental issues of existence, principles, values, approaches and methods. This conceptual framework, and the foundation’s understanding of it, is elaborated and refined over time through a process of action, reflection, consultation and study.  Key elements of this framework include the following:

  • Humanity is evolving towards a global civilization that is both materially and spiritually prosperous.

  • Every individual has the right and obligation to participate in the construction of a materially and spiritually prosperous society.

  • Beyond the provision of goods and services, the goal of development is to develop capacity in individuals, institutions and communities to participate in social progress.

  • Development efforts are most effective when they begin at a modest scale and grow in scope and complexity as capacity is developed.

  • Development initiatives should spring from the understandings and aspirations of participating populations and institutions.

  • Group decision making should occur in a climate that permits different perspectives to be examined dispassionately, deepens understanding and allows appropriate courses of action to be selected.

  • Efforts are undertaken in a learning mode in which action is interspersed with constant refection to articulate lessons learned, overcome challenges and refine methods and approaches.

  • Endeavors are guided by fundamental principles including recognition of the oneness of humanity, belief in the nobility of human beings, justice, and the equality of women and men.

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