1. What is the mission of the Badi Foundation?

The mission of the Badi Foundation is to release the potential of individuals and institutions in China to advance their own communities, with a particular emphasis on women and youth living in rural areas.

2. How is the Badi Foundation staffed?

Dedicated individuals who believe in work done in the spirit of service direct the Foundation’s programs, including full time volunteer staff.  Staff members of the Foundation’s Beijing representative office are primarily local; Macau operations include a diverse international team.

3. How is the Badi Foundation administered?

The Badi Foundation was established under the regulations governing non-profit, charitable organizations in Macau. As such, the structure of the foundation includes a Board of Curators (the functional equivalent of a Board of Directors) that meets regularly and oversees the overall direction and policies of the foundation, and a Board of Administrators that assures that projects follow the guidelines established by the Board of Curators and practice the highest level of ethical standards and accountability. Membership on both the Board of Curators and the Board of Administrators is on a strictly volunteer basis. Beyond the structure provided by the two boards, the President and Executive Director of the foundation manage overall operations, and project managers coordinate individual projects.  The Badi Foundation established a representative office in Beijing in 1997 that coordinates programs in China.

4. Where does the Badi Foundation derive its inspiration from?

The founders of the Badi Foundation were members of the Bahá’í Faith whose belief in universal principles such as the unity of humankind, the equality of women and men and the importance of service to society, along with their desire to contribute to the advancement of China, inspired them to establish the foundation.  The Badi Foundation, as well as the content of its programs and work, however, are nonsectarian in nature and do not seek to promote any form of religious belief.

5. Where are the Badi Foundation’s offices located?

The Badi Foundation has its head office in Macau and a representative office in Beijing.

6. How is the Badi Foundation funded?

The Badi Foundation was established in 1990 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization with an initial private endowment. In addition to modest income arising from its endowment, the foundation receives donations from individuals and organizations and raises funds through international grant-making agencies to support its programs and operations.  Information on how to make contributions to support the work of the Badi Foundation can be found here.

7. How can I become involved in the Badi Foundation’s work?

A limited number of internships with the Badi Foundation are available each year. Several volunteers also contribute time and expertise in areas such as website development, monitoring, evaluation and fundraising. Inquiries relating to internships at the Macau head office should be directed to admin@badi-foundation.org. For information on internships at the representative office in Beijing, please contact us at badi.beijing@badi-foundation.org.  Please note that internships with the Beijing representative office require Chinese language proficiency.

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