Our Programs

The Badi Foundation recognizes that issues in the field of development are complex and do not lend themselves to simplistic or formulaic solutions.  Our belief in the importance of participation, sustainability and capacity building to effective development has led us to focus on designing and implementing educational and training programs that release the potential of individuals and institutions to become active protagonists of the development of their communities.

At the core of the Foundation’s approach to development is its Institutional Capacity Building Program, which seeks to facilitate the establishment of community-based organizations—founded and operated by service-oriented individuals in their home towns—and to build the capacity of these organizations to identify and devise, in collaboration with government, innovative measures to address the needs of their communities and contribute to balanced development in China.  The Badi Foundation provides these community-based organizations with training related to the implementation of one of two programs: the Moral Empowerment through Language Program, which builds moral capacity in youth between the ages of 12 and 15 and enhances their capabilities of expression in the English language, and the Environmental Action Program, which develops the capacity of rural women to employ scientific approaches and collaborate to find lasting solutions to local problems. The Foundation trains the community-based organizations in the principles and methods of these two programs, while also developing their general institutional capabilities, and the community-based organizations then adapt and implement the programs based on their knowledge of the conditions of their communities.

The Badi Foundation is also striving to learn how institutions of formal education can contribute to balanced development in China.  Our efforts in this regard center on the School of the Nations, an internationally-oriented school in Macau promoting the intellectual, moral and physical development of its students in an integrated manner.   The goal of the School of the Nations is to equip students with the capabilities needed to make a meaningful and enduring contribution to society.

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