International Consultancies

The Badi Foundation provides international and national experts for consultancies with international agencies in a range of fields including gender, participation, agriculture and environmental protection. The Foundation’s consultancies have included:

United Nations Development Programme, China. Staff Development Consultancy. Provided human resources to support the UNDP staff development program.

United Nations Development Programme, China. Badi consultants organized and facilitated workshop for UNDP with representatives of major international corporations in Beijing. The purpose of the workshop was to explore ways in which the private sector and UNDP might collaborate in China.

United Nations Development Programme, China. Assisted in the coordination and preparation of speakers for the Millenium Forum held in December 2000 in Hong Kong. The forum sought to stimulate dialogue among participants from China, Hong Kong and Macau on China’s progress in the new nillennium.

United Nations Development Programme. Carried out investigation of the use of work plans in UNDP/CICETE funded projects and recommended plan for improvement.

Conference Facilitation, Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Facilitated workshops addressing women’s participation in rural development in China. Also chaired sessions on participation and environmental issues.

UNICEF, Mongolia. Developed project proposal for Local Programme of Action, a project designed to address the needs of women and vulnerable populations through enhanced community participation and community-based action programs at the “bag” level.

World Food Programme, China. Conducted a gender training course for Directors and Gender Focal Points of WFP/IFAD projects in China.

World Food Programme/International Fund For Agricultural Development, China. Conducted field investigation to evaluate participation in joint WFP/IFAD projects. Presented results to donor agencies.

United Nations Development Programme/Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences. China. Training of trainers for Women and Environment Project. Trained 20 potential project facilitators and made recommendations for training material.

United Nations Development Programme, China. Developed project paper for capacity-building for Women and Environment Project.

United Nations Development Programme, China. Conducted training in participatory training methodologies for project on gender and environment. Assisted with development of training program for women mayors and entrepreneurs.

World Food Programme/International Fund for Agricultural Development, China. Conducted follow-up training for Gender Focal Points from provincial, prefecture and county levels for 11 projects. Training included gender analysis, participatory appraisal methods, problem solving and planning.

World Food Programme/International Fund for Agricultural Development, China. Conducted training on participatory rural appraisal for provincial, prefecture and county level staff of the WFP/IFAD Shaanxi/Hubei Project.

Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences and the United Nations Development Fund. Carried out supervision of training of women mayors and entrepreneurs in environment and gender issues. Consultancies included guidance of trainers and modification of training materials as well as recommendations for future training.

Consultant on Grassroots Mobilization, UNDP-CSES Women and Environment Project, PRC. Assisted the Women’s Federation in Shaanxi and Jiangsu Provinces to develop human resources to stimulate grassroots environmental action as part of follow-up to training of women mayors and entrepreneurs.

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