International Collaboration

The Badi Foundation recognizes that social and economic development can best be promoted when individuals and organizations work together and learn from one another’s experience. For this reason, the Badi Foundation collaborates with like-minded organizations and individuals in a variety of countries around the world.

The Badi Foundation has a wide international network of both individuals and organizations whose expertise and experience it draws on regularly. A key aspect of this network is the Foundation’s membership in the Luxembourg-based Development Learning Association (DLA). DLA is an association of learning organizations that seek to advance society through the development of human resources. Members of the Development Learning Association seek to learn from one another’s experience and even collaborate in the development of relevant educational materials. Among the members of the Development Learning Association are:

  • FUNDAEC (Fundacion para la Aplicacion y Ensenanza de las Ciencias) in Colombia
  • Nur University in Bolivia
  • The Inshindo Foundation in Zambia
  • The Ruhi Foundation in Colombia
  • The Foundation for the Advancement of Science in India

The Badi Foundation has also collaborated with a wide range of organizations by offering training and assistance with program development in countries such as Mongolia, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, India and Tanzania.

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