Badi Foundation Invited to a Seminar on Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation

December 23rd, 2016, the Badi Foundation was invited to join a seminar co-organized by Swanport Coffee, Yi+ Academy, Zhiji Youth Development Studio, and hosted by Social Resources Institute, the purpose of which being to discuss rural development and poverty alleviation. During the event, institutions in the field of rural development, such as Oxfam China, Liangshuming Rural Construction Center and Growing Home, recalled and reflected on their work in the year 2016, and held dialogues and interactions with members of the public.

Poverty alleviation has always been an important issue of concern to the international community. The Chinese government and NGOs have put in a lot of practice to learn how to achieve the balanced development of rural communities. During this event, different institutions recalled the challenges they faced and the experiences they gained, through the lens of public policy or specific aspect of actions. This platform provided Badi Foundation a chance to learn from other institutions’ experiences and to engage in social discourse that further explores the insights gained through experience. After the panel sharing, speakers were invited to interact with the audience, to promote general understanding in this field of work.


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