Community-Based Organizations Running Moral Empowerment Through Language Program in Southern China Hold Seminar in Lijiang, Yunnan

February 19th to 22nd, 2017, six community-based organizations (CBO) that cooperate with the Badi Foundation to implement Moral Empowerment Through Language Program (METL) in southern China gathered in Lijiang, Yunnan to hold their second regional seminar since the initiation of this regional group. The local CBO Suolu Junior Youth Training School was the main organizer for the seminar, while 5 other CBOs contributed actively.

Before the seminar, CBOs consulted collectively in the WeChat group about the possible themes and what they wanted to learn in the seminar. After summarizing all the ideas and thoughts, Suolu drafted the agenda, with the help of a Badi staff who accompanied this group.


After the agenda was approved of by all the participating CBOs, a consultation on how to facilitate each session was initiated. Previously when faced with questions from one CBO, the other CBOs would directly share their experiences. However, problems arose when that CBO imitated whatever the other CBOs were doing without considering its own specific situations. Thus it was decided that instead of offering direct answers, facilitators would study with the CBOs some materials covering the relevant elements and concepts, inspiring the CBOs to formulate solutions specific to their own challenges. This method of facilitation proved to be effective as the participants were empowered during the process. It’s also worth noting that CBOs’ facilitation skills improved and bonding between the CBOs grew stronger.

It is hoped that regional seminars can truly become a platform for CBOs to share their experiences and learn from each other. We can already observe this trend becoming increasingly clear.

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