Community-Based Organizations Running Moral Empowerment Through Language Program in Northern China Hold Seminar in Dalian

During January 16th to 20th, 2017, five community-based organizations (CBOs) that cooperate with the Badi Foundation to implement Moral Empowerment Through Language (METL) in Northern China gathered in Dalian to hold their regional seminar. This is the fifth regional seminar for this group since the “regional group” strategy was introduced in 2014.


The five CBOs consulted about the themes of the seminar and prepared the studying materials together. Since CBOs implemented the METL program mostly through cooperating with local schools or setting up junior youth groups in their communities, they discussed common themes such as how to establish lasting and stable relations with schools and communities, how to raise up local facilitators, how to create a free yet efficient class, how to systematically deepen the service projects and so on.

The most exciting session of the seminar was “how to create a free yet efficient class”. Participants from each CBO chose one chapter from Glimmerings of Hope respectively and demonstrated their way of teaching it. The diversity of teaching methods inspired participants, to improve their own teaching.


Apart from discussing specific lines of action to carry out the program, CBOs also looked at the program from a wider perspective – the importance of empowering junior youths to contribute to the balanced development of their communities. It is the goal for the Badi Foundation as well as all the CBOs implementing the METL program. It was hoped that through experience generation and sharing within the regional groups, new knowledge can accumulate and be shared with the wider public.  

CBOs built up their capacity through organizing and implementing the regional seminar. The mutual experience sharing offered them opportunities to look at the program from different angles and thus make further improvement. We were also happy to see the increasing frequency of support and accompaniment that CBOs gave each other.

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