Delegation from Jinhong Middle School in Gucheng District, Lijiang, Yunnan Province Visits Badi Foundation’s School of the Nations in Macau

Each Spring a delegation of teachers and students from Jin Hong Middle School in Lijiang , Yunnan Province comes to Macau, and each Autumn, Form 4 students from School of the Nations go to Lijiang, engaging in meaningful service and cultural experiences. This visit is part of an ongoing collaboration between School of the Nations, the Badi Foundation, Jin Hong Middle School and Lijiang Suo Lu Junior Youth English Training Center that aims to provide space for collaborative learning and mutual support. The main theme explored during these exchanges has been how to nurture the balanced development of students’ scientific knowledge and excellent moral capabilities for China’s social development, especially those junior youth who are at the age of 12 to 15.

On 14 Feb., 2017, the delegation was led by the principal of Jin Hong Middle School, Mr. Yang Li Dong to Macau, with 16 teachers, 12 students and 2 representatives of Lijiang Suo Lu Junior Youth English Training Center. During this visit, participants focused on several important education themes, including: constructing a conceptual framework for the forward progress of educational efforts; enhancing student ownership of learning; developing student capabilities; reflecting on the true nature of students and the process of accompanying them to walk paths of individual growth and social progress.

The students also visited the Moral Empowerment through Language Program carried out in the School of the Nations and some other local secondary schools in Macau, to exchange ideas and build friendships. The students from Lijiang also performed a Naxi culture dance for at the School of the Nations’ Art House program.


This photo shows one of the Naxi cultural dances. The audience also participated in the dance, demonstrating a spirit of unity, harmony, mutual support and friendship.

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