Macau’s economic structure and ideology are undergoing tremendous change, and moral education for junior youth in Macau has drawn great attention from government, schools, and parents. Since its inception in 2007, the Badi Foundation’s METL program has been recognized and supported by the Macau Education and Youth Bureau and each of its collaborating schools. More than 3,700 junior youth have participated in the program. The School of the Nations aims to release students’ potential so that they can better contribute to the betterment of their families, communities, and even the world. The school has around 600 students.

Our Programs

School of the Nations

The Macau METL program is based on a deep understanding of the noble nature and great potential of junior youth. By studying with them a series of texts specifically designed for junior youth, the program guides them to think about profound themes such as talents, the meaning of service, love, confirmation, and friendship. Through this process, junior youth begin to have a deeper and more positive understanding of their true nature. The program nurtures in junior youth attitudes of active learning and the pursuit of excellence, helps them develop a strong moral framework, and raises their capacity to serve society.


Moral Empowerment of Junior Youth Through Language

The School of the Nations was founded on the belief that every person has immense spiritual and intellectual potential that can be used to promote the realization of a twofold moral purpose – developing oneself while at the same time contributing to social progress. In the process of working towards the creation of a new world civilization centered on the principle of the oneness of humanity, each student has the right to acquire knowledge, but also the responsibility to participate in the generation, application, and diffusion of knowledge. Only when knowledge is combined with the proper spiritual principles, attitudes, and goals can knowledge have a more profound and lasting impact on society. Please visit the website of the School of the Nations to learn more.


Collaboration and Discourse

Since 2014, the METL program in Macau has received financial support from the Macau Education and Youth Bureau through its “Caring for Youth Development Subsidy Plan”. Funds received from the Macau Education and Youth have not only been used to provide the METL program for 650 junior youth across 6 schools, but also to provide training for the 55 volunteers who wished to serve the METL program, most of which are secondary and university students. In addition, with support from the Macau Education and Youth Bureau, we organized a METL program exchange with the Lijiang Jinhong School in mainland China.


Relevant News

The School of the Nations was delighted to host a visit by Dr. Alexis Tam, Secretary of Social Affairs and Culture for the Macau Special Administrative Region on 18 April 2017. Dr. Tam was accompanied by Madame Leong Lai, Director of the Macau Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ); Mr. Wai Cheng Iong, Advisor of Office of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture ; Mr. Lou Pak Sang, Subdirector of DSEJ; Madame Kuok Sio Lai, Subdirector of DSEJ; Ms. Leong Vai Kei, Director of Department of Education of DSEJ; Mr. Wong Kin Mou, Director of Department of Research and Educational Resources of DSEJ; Mr. Kong Chi Meng, Director of Division of Pre-school and Primary Education of DSEJ....