Increased Local Capacity Evident at Environmental Action Program Seminar in Southern China

An Environmental Action Program (EAP) regional seminar took place at Beinongjiayuan Community Service Center, Debao County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on April 24th-27th, 2017. Three community-based organizations from Yunnan and Guangxi that partner with the Badi Foundation to implement the EAP attended this meeting. The EAP regional seminar in Southern China is now regularly held twice a year, every six months.

The three organizations participated in the planning and design of the seminar and their enhanced ability to facilitate a process of learning through the seminar was manifest in several aspects. The structure and materials of the seminar were both designed by the local organizations based on their previous experience, and they also enhanced their approach to facilitation. The materials developed for the seminar were an indicator of substantial progress, but even more significant was the quality of discussion around these materials over the course of the seminar.

We hope these regional seminars can continue to serve as a platform for learning opportunities for each organization, and can help unleash their potential. Gaining confidence and support also inspires everyone to explore the path to community development together.

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