Delegation from Jinhong Middle School in Lijiang, Yunnan Province Visits Badi Foundation’s School of Nations in Macau

At the invitation of Badi Foundation School of Nations, a delegation of 7 teachers from Suolu Junior Youth English Training Center and Jinhong Middle School in Gucheng district, Lijiang, Yunnan province paid a visit to the School of Nations in Macau. Suolu Junior Youth English Training Center is one of the community-based organizations Badi Foundation is collaborating with in Lijiang, it carries out Moral Empowerment Through English program in the local area. The Center started working with Jinhong Middle School in 2010, they have developed a good relationship since the program was implemented in the school. The School of Nations is an international school under the management of Badi Foundation, it’s dedicated to promoting the balanced development of the students’ intellectual and moral capabilities. The purpose of the visit was to facilitate the exchange and sharing of experience between the teachers in Macau and Mainland schools, and to strengthen the relationship between Suolu and the local schools.

During the 5 day visit, the delegation observed art classes and math classes in kindergarten, psychology classes in high school and the school’s character building program——Junior youth Empowerment program, and talked to students about the service activities they carried out at associations for the elderly, the deaf, animal protection and people with mental disabilities. Through these classes observations, the teachers from Jinhong Middle School was able to gain some understanding of the educational philosophy and teaching methods of the School of Nations. They were especially inspired to learn that the teachers in theSchoolofNations“see the students as mines rich with boundless capacity which can be revealed through education.” The teachers from the two schools also shared experiences on themes such as how to assist the students to develop their intellectual and moral capacity to serve society, how to organize classes and design extracurricula

Inviting community-based organizations collaborating with Badi Foundation and their collaborating partners to visit theSchoolofNationsinMacauis a new line of action being explored by the Foundation in 2012. In the future, we plan to invite more community-based organizations which are implementing Moral Empowerment Through English program to visit the School of Nations, hoping to promote more profound interactions and exchanges on the development of moral capacity in junior youth through these visits.