Fu Tak Iam Foundation and Badi Foundation Partner to Support Moral Empowerment of Junior Youth and Youth in Macau

We are pleased to announce that on September 8, 2016 the Fu Tak Iam Foundation and Badi Foundation entered into a funding agreement for a two year project focusing on the moral and intellectual empowerment of junior youth and youth in Macau.  The Fu Tak Iam Foundation was established in Hong Kong in 2007 to improve the quality of life for all in the areas of healthcare, education, the arts, culture, heritage, amateur sport, animal welfare, conservation and the environment.  To achieve its mission, the Fu Tak Iam Foundation provides grants to non-profit organizations to support impactful projects in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Through this project junior youth in Macau will be guided by older youth and young adults to study a sequence of meaningful language texts that assist them to develop their powers of expression, positive attitudes and understanding of essential moral concepts such as making persistent effort towards noble goals and maintaining hope in the face of difficulties.  As junior youth proceed through study of the texts, mentors accompany them to identify needs in their local communities and plan, carry out and reflect on activities designed to meet those needs, helping them mature into active members of their communities.

The project, entitled “Laying the Foundation of a New Generation in Macau” will be implemented by the Badi Foundation over two years in collaboration with 7 local schools, to reach over 1,300 junior youth and 100 young mentors.  We are grateful to Fu Tak Iam Foundation for their sponsorship of the project.



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