Badi Foundation Conducts NGO Management Training at the Invitation of China Association for NGO Cooperation

On July 21st, 2016, Mr. Zhou Peng, the Senior Director of Operations of the Badi Foundation’s Beijing Representative Office, was invited by China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO) to offer training to around 80 NGOs across China on capacity building and evaluation .

CANGO’s NGO management project started in 2014. 80 NGOs across China were invited to participate in a 3-year long capacity building program. Mr. Zhou took the lead in training 35 NGOs from Northwestern China. In the past two years, he has offered training sessions on conceptual framework, vision and mission, human resource management to these NGOs.


This time, the meeting, which also served as the closing ceremony of the NGO management project, took place in Xi’an. Mr. Huang Haoming, the Vice Administrator and Secretary of CANGO, and Mr. Liu Weiping, the Vice Director of the Civil Society Bureau of Shaanxi Province attended the meeting and delivered keynote talks. NGO participants also shared what they learnt from the project during the past two years.


In the training session, Mr. Zhou gave a talk on the importance of capacity building and evaluating the outcomes of NGO performance. In the subsequent sharing session, many NGOs mentioned that thanks to the training, they gained a deeper understanding of “capacity” and it got them to reflect more on their evaluation system. They were mostly impressed by the “humble learning attitude” and decided to apply it to the actual work. Mr. Huang from CANGO also shared his thoughts on this topic, “Among all the capacities that an NGO needs to build, the humble attitude is an essential one. Only with the humble heart, can an NGO constantly reflect on itself and be aware of its social impacts which lead to the perfection of its programs.”

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