Community-Based Organizations Running Environmental Action Program in Southern China Hold Seminar in Lijiang

November 4th -7th, 2016, three community-based organizations (CBOs) that cooperate with the Badi Foundation to implement the Environmental Action Program (EAP) in Yunnan and Guangxi Province gathered in Lijiang, Yunnan to hold their second regional seminar this year. This time, the three CBOs started to facilitate parts of the seminar in addition to arranging the logistics, in adherence to the principles of empowerment.

During the 3-day seminar, the three CBOs consulted about themes such as how to cooperate with the government and civil society, how to raise up and deploy human resources, how to register as an NGO, how to accompany the program participants in depth, as well as how to keep a clear and complete documentation of the implementation of projects and the institutional developmental progress. Running programs in different locations and at different stages, the experiences they shared displayed distinctive features while showing commonality. Not only did the seminar offer a chance for CBOs to give mutual support and accompaniment, it also facilitated the generation of knowledge.

Besides the discussions and sharings, three CBOs went to visit Guangle Village, one of villages where the local CBO Hehe Community Learning and Service Center ran the EAP program. Women participants there had already began to explore economic initiatives using spiritual principles learnt from the program, such as collective consultation and unity. After interviewing the participants and listening to them reflect on the program and their stories of conducting community service projects or collective economic exploration, CBOs were motivated and inspired to run their programs more efficiently and creatively.

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